digital fabrication

File to Factory

The integration of digital fabrication methods enables Patonic to realize a continuous process chain from design to engineering to production. Manual programming of CNC-machines via CAM- software is no longer required. The machine code is generated automatically.

Waste Optimization

We support our clients in using their raw materials in the most efficient manner. We consider standard sizes at early stage and optimize the layout of the elements to reduce the cut-off to a minimum. That increases the profitability of the project and reduces its environmental footprint.

Supply Chain Management

Large quantities of unique components require a lean supply chain. Patonic synchronizes the production and the installation sequence, aiming at reducing the demand for expensive storage areas. Assemblies or single items are produced and shipped to site when they are needed. Their status is constantely fed back to the central model via smart item tracking solutions. Illustrated progess reports can be generated automatically at any time.